Leveraging advanced and complex data.

Our Whitepaper
Our Whitepaper

The future
of advanced AI.

We're building a modular bot that constantly scans the blockchain, be it wallets, charts or smart contracts, as well as the discord chats in which the bot is installed and twitter in constant search of gems / opportunities.

Established and crafted by a team comprising former members of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Meta.


Our company

By the numbers


Our current team comprises 12 individuals, including managers, advisors, and predominantly developers, all dedicated to reshaping the future of AI.


A suite of product-ready engines has been developed and is currently being tested through private-beta testing rounds.


Partners in our


Our cherished partners UCR, AP, DPTO, Palm Angels, and Off-White are actively utilizing our AI technology to amplify productivity, thereby bolstering the ecosystem of Bloops. Together, we're not just advancing the frontiers of AI, but also nurturing a thriving community that fuels innovation and growth within our ecosystem.




Q1 - Q2
Beta & Token
Backed by (blo)

Our objective is to launch a token supported by our company, aimed at establishing and enhancing the ecosystem through our innovative systems and technology.

Q2 - Q3
Private Beta

Initially, we'll grant developers access to our API, enabling them to integrate our systems and technology into their programs. This approach will familiarize users with our system, ensuring a successful full-scale launch.

Q3 - Q4
Launch & Partners
Trust is built on transparency

By Q3 of this year, our aim is to implement and support our partners with our cutting-edge technology. This strategic move will facilitate the growth of our ecosystem.

Purchase $blo
Purchase $blo
Fully On-Chain

In Q2 and Q3, we plan to experiment with launching our own L2 solution, which will facilitate smoother operations for developers and our system, offering enhanced tools. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between advanced AI and the mainnet.